Saturday, November 10, 2012

Too Much Coffee!

  After all night long working to finish my work on deadline. I often noticed that I was having headache every time I woke up late in the afternoon. I thought to myself what did I do wrong what did I missed. It was never happened before until couple of months ago. So I was thinking back and found something unusual. The day I have headache it was the day I stay up without drink Coffee! I've come to realized, may be because of that. I've been drinking too much coffee!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Here They Come Again Flooding!

Floods are coming back to Thailand again. I can't expressing my thought about that too much, it will raising my anger about the government the way they managing the floods situations. sigh!  ):(

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sad Dream

     Last night I had dreaming about woman who used to be my first loved. It didn't worked out because she didn't love me. I was so frustrated, it was really hurts that they made you feel, you never good enough for her. I cried so much, my heart was broken in pieces. 20 years later, why I'm still hurting?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ant Army Are Back!

     When the time passed from beginning of the year through early mid year, winter transformed to summer. It's the time for them to came out. They were moving the army from their outpost to collecting the spare food. Since they had to cross my land and I didn't want it, so we started fighting each other. You know wars, sometimes we win sometimes we lose. The Ant army are back!. Yes, I'm telling you. Now we're fighting again in rainy season, when they evacuating away from raining. Actually, just ants bothered me in my apartment I try to get rid of them.  lol

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where Was I, When Flooding Come

     In late year 2011, Bangkok confronted the enormously water came down from the north of Thailand, I didn't know exactly where the water came from. some said, from Dam up north that couldn't kept the over filled water caused by hard rainy season, some said, too many rainforest were destroyed, have not enough plants to absorb water, some said, lack of water management and political complication involved, but what ever reason we got flooded anyway. I was working at sukumvit road, the another most importance business area in Bangkok.
    At the time of flooding, the out skirt of Bangkok already flooded, except some inner area included my workplace. the government blocked water not to come in inner area. The thing that crazy was seemed the government and the Bangkok Governor they were not in the same page, so when they came out on the news, the Bangkok Governor stated  that they can handled the water, no flood in inner area. The government stated don't neglecting the flood, preparing for bad situation, no guarantee from government, that we will survive from flooding the whole city. What a joke.
The company that I was worked for at the time, they were so kind. They told me, you don't have to come to work if you must traveling through the flooding area. Fortunately that issue never happened, and most of the inner area no flooded. I still could go to work until the flooding faded away. 


Monday, July 02, 2012

Back In The Day Bangkok Flooded

A lot of people were panic of severe Floods


Hi! Friends,

Hi! Friends,
     I created this new blog separated from my animation blog, for posting my videos, and writing stuff from my experience, the things that I can share you guys.
     My intention to make this blog, I want it to be more international rather than just for my country.(Thailand) Therefore, I will write in English language for better understanding, in case you guys foreigners stumble up on this blog.    
     One thing that I have to make my excuse for, my English writing may be grammatically incorrect some sentences may be wrong, if you guys have read it and found that mistakes, please feel free to make comments suggestion about anything, that would be my appreciated. Now feel free to read on. Thank you everyone.