Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where Was I, When Flooding Come

     In late year 2011, Bangkok confronted the enormously water came down from the north of Thailand, I didn't know exactly where the water came from. some said, from Dam up north that couldn't kept the over filled water caused by hard rainy season, some said, too many rainforest were destroyed, have not enough plants to absorb water, some said, lack of water management and political complication involved, but what ever reason we got flooded anyway. I was working at sukumvit road, the another most importance business area in Bangkok.
    At the time of flooding, the out skirt of Bangkok already flooded, except some inner area included my workplace. the government blocked water not to come in inner area. The thing that crazy was seemed the government and the Bangkok Governor they were not in the same page, so when they came out on the news, the Bangkok Governor stated  that they can handled the water, no flood in inner area. The government stated don't neglecting the flood, preparing for bad situation, no guarantee from government, that we will survive from flooding the whole city. What a joke.
The company that I was worked for at the time, they were so kind. They told me, you don't have to come to work if you must traveling through the flooding area. Fortunately that issue never happened, and most of the inner area no flooded. I still could go to work until the flooding faded away. 


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